About Us

Learn Reiki Online is the premier Reiki learning platform dedicated to helping people learn Reiki from the comfort of their own homes. We offer a variety of resources, including courses, articles, and videos, to help people at all levels, from beginners to Reiki Masters.

Why We Started

We started Learn Reiki Online because we believe that everyone deserves to have access to the healing benefits of Reiki. We also believe that online learning is a convenient and affordable way for people to learn Reiki.

What Makes Us Unique

25 years in the field of teaching and working with Reiki gives us real world depth and experince.

What We Offer:

  • A variety of Reiki courses, from beginner to advanced
  • Both Online courses and regular Live online classes
  • Articles and videos on a variety of Reiki topics
  • Live distance Reiki attunements

Our Qualifications

Our founder Justin Peach is  an international Reiki Master who has been teaching since 1998. He has trained more than 600 students from all over the world to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses. Justin is a meditation teacher as well a facilitator of The Work by Byron Katie. He has worked in depth with other leading teachers to deepen his perception and understanding of Reiki.

Justin Peach

"Reiki wil take you deeper into your Authentic Self."

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