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During this two-hour seminar, we will delve deeply into the hidden healing arts known to mystics and shamanic practitioners.


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Stephanie Wollenberg

Really insightful
A really insightful day full of reiki philosophy, hands-on practise and general good vibes. I was totally new to reiki, and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to complete my stage two!

Elaine Ferry

Life changing!
Life changing and amazing experience! Thank you so much Justin!

Maya van Wissen

Loved it
Loved it. Wonderful teachings, such depth and integrity. Thank you Justin!

Jane Tidiman

Really refreshing
Thoroughly appreciated Justins 'no nonsense' approach which was really refreshing to hear . . . also looking forward to going further with level 2 next year.

François Palmaerts

Everything you need to know
Everything you need to know and friendly guidance afterwards.

Kim Hinds

The truths within my own abilities
Justin, thank you so much for the Reiki 1 course . . . your knowledge and skills have helped me finally unlock and confirm the truths within my own abilities. My mind was buzzing with the insight you gave us along with your support and am now looking forward to more in the near future.

Your teacher

Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 600 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses. Justin is a meditation teacher and has worked with different leading teachers and shaman during his spiritual journey. Since 1999 he has been working with collective intelligence and uses it in his trainings to deepen the perception and understanding of Reiki.

"Imagine more energy, a more powerful intuition and a deeper trust in your true self”

Justin Peach