Connection to energy and love

It's an incredible experience of connection to energy and love. I've felt completely relaxed and became more aware at the same time. I felt like after a restful sleep, but being fully present during the entire day... Justin is such a lovely person and he has a unique way of combining humour with professionalism. Really recommend 💓🙏 thank you!

Lelia Ceausu

Nothing missing

Everything, the whole, nothing missing . . .

Dave Van Axeldongen

Loved it

Loved it. Wonderful teachings, such depth and integrity. Thank you Justin!

Maya van Wissen

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you feel this course isn't right for you then you are guaranteed a full refund. Up to 30 days or before your Reiki Attunement - whichever is first. This is a guilt free no questions asked refund.

P.S.: Limited places. Because you receive a Live Attunement the number of places for this courses is limited - make sure you secure your spot now!

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