Preparing for your Reiki 1 Course

1-Day Live Online Course


Morning 10:00

  • Welcome 
  • Group introduction
  • Background context for understanding Reiki
  • Short break
  • Meditation
  • Attunement
  • Self treatment - practice
  • Lunch break

Afternoon 13:00 (approximately )

  • Treating others - practice 
  • How Reiki heals
  • How to have a clean exchange (self protection)
  • Short break
  • How to reclaim your energy
  • Final questions
  • Wrap up

How to prepare

  • Make sure you are logged into the call 10-15 mins before the sessions starts. Please have your camera on for the teacher. 
  • It is recommended to be inside where you are not disturbed for the day
  • For the afternoon session Treating others, if you can have someone you can practice on, this will enhance your experience. It's not essential but useful. Recommended is a close friend or family member who you feel comfortable with. Their participation time will be approximately 20 minutes at the start of the afternoon session
  • Questions: there will be multiple opportunities during the course to aks any questions 

After your course

  • You will have access to Reiki 1 practitioner information which includes all hand positions and a number of instructional videos 
  • You will receive the Reiki 1 certificate 
  • You can follow the Reiki 2 course. Either a live online course or study at your own pace online course