Two FREE Healing Seminars

Unlocking Healing + Energy Work Secrets

During these two-hour seminars, we will delve deeply into the hidden healing arts known to mystics and shamanic practitioners.

June 9 2024:

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July 28 2024:

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Two Free Healing Seminars: Unlocking Healing and Energy Work Secrets

During these two-hour seminars, we will delve deeply into the hidden healing arts known to mystics and shamanic practitioners.

As the planet moves into its next phase of growth and awakening, the deeper knowledge of real healing and energetic development is calling many people to remember their true potential and abilities.

These two free seminars are provided to give you the keys to remember and awaken to your incredible potential for healing and personal power.

It's an incredible experience of connection to energy and love. I've felt completely relaxed and became more aware at the same time. I felt like after a restful sleep, but being fully present during the entire day... Justin is such a lovely person and he has a unique way of combining humour with professionalism. Really recommend ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ™ thank you!

Lelia Ceausu - Student of Justin

Seminar 1: Energy Healing Secrets

Advanced understanding: How we can heal ourselves and others. This interactive seminar will cover the following subjects in depth:

The mechanics of energy healing: How do we get sick? How can we help the body heal itself?

How to safeguard your energy, both during healing work and daily relationships.

The Shamanic art of Recapitulation: Learn the hidden art of reclaiming your stuck life energy from people, situations, and places.

Cultivating the art of real self-acceptance. Healing can only begin when there is true acceptance of ourselves.

June 9 2024:

20 places left

Seminar 2: How to Develop and Deepen Your Intuition and Subtle Awareness

Your intuition is powerful beyond measure: Learn ways to develop this capacity so it can become a reliable guiding force in your life. Discussing tools, techniques, and practices.

Finding your Soul path. Intuition is a connection with spirit - learn how to be guided by your deeper purpose.

Everything we know about meditation is wrong. Discover the real purpose and potential of going beyond the mind.

How to free yourself from the matrix of control and live a Sovereign life beyond fear.

Tools and practices to develop your subtle awareness and grow towards direct energetic perception.

June 9 2024:

20 places left


Technical Requirements

An internet connection โ€“ broadband wired or wireless. Speakers and a microphone. A webcam. See full details here.
Particpants are asked to be visible by webcam for the teacher.

Course times

To see the times of a course click on the info icon next to the date. The popup will show you a comparison of the times of the course with your local time. Some courses are sheduled to work better for Europe based participants and some course for the American continent.

course Agenda

Morning: Reiki foundational information. Group intro. Meditation. Attunement. Self treatment.

Afternoon: Treatment of others. The mechanisms of healing. How to guard your energy.

Materials Needed

If desired you can take take notes. Essential course material will be provided.

Breaks and Refreshments

There will be 2 short breaks and 1 break for lunch.


The Zoom call will be recorded for teacher records and if participants have technical problems during the day.

After your course

After the course you will get access to online materials which include the following: Hand positions for treatments. Video guides for self treatment, chair treatment and table treatment. Extra course material is also available but optional.

Your Reiki Master

Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 600 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses. Justin is a meditation teacher and has worked with different leading teachers and shaman during his spiritual journey. Since 1999 he has been working with collective intelligence and uses it in his trainings to deepen the perception and understanding of Reiki.

"Imagine more energy, a more powerful intuition and a deeper trust in your true selfโ€

Justin Peach

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