It’s difficult to define the energy in great detail because, like anything in this dualistic universe, we can only describe one thing in terms of another, but let’s see what we can say so far.

Reiki energy is a higher cosmic energy. It is not earth energy nor is it the life force energy that flows in the root chakra and up along the spine through the other energy centers. It has a different felt sense and a different vibration.

It comes in through the crown chakra and flows along each arm and out of energy centers in the hand palms. This energy flow is already natural for humans; we give and care with our hands, so it makes sense.

To clear up some misunderstandings, Reiki energy does not flow through the chakras when we are treating ourselves or others. We can use the chakras as a point of contact during a treatment, but the microcosmic orbit of energy through the major chakras is not inherently part of the Reiki energy flow.

The flow is non-polar. That means it flows equally out of the right and left hand, and we don’t need to make a circuit. A one-armed person could give Reiki. I imagine, with training, that it would be possible to allow Reiki energy flow out of the feet or out of the eyes, although I see no particular benefit.

From the perspective of Qi Gong, we might say that Reiki (often described as universal life force energy) as it flows through the body’s energy channels or meridians is similar to the concept of Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Zhong Qi specifically refers to the Qi that circulates within the meridians, nourishing and sustaining the organs and tissues of the body. This circulation of energy is akin to the way Reiki energy is believed to flow through the body, promoting balance, healing, and well-being.

While Reiki is not directly analogous to any single type of Qi, Zhong Qi’s role in maintaining the body’s vital functions and its circulation through the meridian system make it the most similar among the energies described. Both Reiki and Zhong Qi are associated with promoting health, vitality, and the overall flow of energy within the body.

​The best way to understand the energy flow though is to feel and experience it for yourself. I started as a very emotionally and energetically closed-off person, but through practice, I have learned to distinguish Reiki from other forms and flows of energy in my system. You will be surpised at how sensitive you will become and just how well, through virtue of your developing intuition you will be able to understand this subject and bein to find your own answers.

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